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Hi, I'm Mike Shinal!

I live in Naples, FL with my family. I am a licensed home inspector in Florida and, as such, am trained to assess a home’s functionality and safety.

Regular maintenance as recommended by manufacturers is essential to keeping your home operating safely and efficiently. As a homeowner, I know how costly it is to take care of your home. I have designed my home maintenance service to provide peace of mind and safety with convenience and value. My services are a great way to keep your home maintenance needs covered.

I am fully insured and ready to get started.

About Mr. Maintenance SWFL

Mr. Maintenance SWFL is the trusted destination for homeowners seeking a comprehensive solution for their home maintenance needs. From cleaning of dryer vents and flushing hot water heaters to upkeep of garbage disposals, refrigerator coils, and dishwashers, we've got you covered. Additionally, we clear HVAC coils, condensation lines, provide maintenance of garage doors and more.

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Mr. Maintenance - Home Maintenance Made Easy - Serving Naples & Bonita Springs Florida

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  • info@mrmaintenanceswfl.com

  • 239-413-0404

  • Currently Serving Naples and Bonita Springs

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